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Erasmus Forum


Based in London, the Erasmus Historical and Cultural Research Forum is an independent research and publishing organisation with global reach and a commitment to "the public understanding of history." Inspired by the legacy of Erasmian humanism and its emphasis on synoptic thinking, our research focuses on the intersection of history, culture, economics and politics – bringing together experts from different disciplines to offer unique insights into contemporary public issues.


Sharing Erasmus’s commitment to public education - and his aversion to staid institutional styles - the Forum attempts to bridge the gap between the academic world and the public. Through our programme of research, lectures, conferences, and publications we aim to make cutting-edge scholarly analysis accessible to a wider audience.


Like Erasmus in the early sixteenth century, we find ourselves in an age of great intellectual and ideological upheaval, in which old certainties are being overturned and entrenched modes of thought are being challenged. The digital age poses unique problems for public understanding, with ideas becoming easily disconnected from their historical and cultural context. Our mission is to reintegrate context into public policy debate, and provide a space in which original ideas can flourish.


 Hywel Williams
Director of the Erasmus Forum


Titles of individual essays published in the Bulletin of the Erasmus Forum, together with a link to the corresponding volume, can be accessed by clicking on each of the following images

Ancient Statue
Brooklyn Bridge

Thinking, listening, debating and socialising at the Erasmus Forum

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