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Scholars commissioned by the Erasmus Forum discuss their work with an invited audience at our research seminars. These are convened at locations in central London.


Subjects for discussion fall into two categories:


I) Contributions to EF's two-year research programmes, currently 'History of Banking' and, from Spring 2022 onwards, 'Reformation Consequences'.


II) Individual subjects whose historical and cultural significance fall within EF's remit. In the Spring and Summer of 2022 these include:


  1. History of Food and Cooking.

  2. Who were the real Druids and what is their British, and European, legacy.?

  3. The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, the Savoy Hotel and the works of 'Gilbert and Sullivan': aspects of late Victorian 'Britishness'. 

  4. A Brief History of the Shoe: manufacture, technology and iconography from Louis XIV to Manolo Blahnik.

  5. 'Men are we, and must grieve when even the shade of that which/ Once was great is passed away.' William Wordsworth's sentiments in his' Lines on the Extinction of the Venetian Republic' have elicited a heartfelt, English, assent. But how did the Venetians themselves feel about the decline of their republic and empire in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ? 

  6. The Spanish expedition to the East Indies (1519-22), organised by Ferdinand Magellan, was the first circumnavigation of the globe. What was its cultural and economic impact on Iberian, and western European , civilisation ? 

Summaries and reports of selected research seminars are published in 'Articles and Reviews'. From the Spring of 2022 onwards the content may also be heard on podcasts and accessed by live streaming. Those wishing to attend the seminars can do so by registering in response to the Forum's e mailed invitations.

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