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Hywel Williams


Hywel Williams is a historian, commentator, and broadcaster. His books include The Age of Chivalry: Culture and Power in Medieval Europe 950-1450; Emperor of the West: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire; Sun Kings: A History of KingshipCassell’s Chronology of World History: Dates, Events and Ideas that Made History; Days that Changed the World; Guilty Men: Conservative Decline and Fall; Britain's Power Elites, In Our Time: A History of Oratory, and The Seven Ages of Britain. 
His television credits, as writer and presenter, include documentaries on David Lloyd George, Pope Benedict XV, contemporary architecture, Britain's coal industry, a six-part international history of the late 20th century, 'Promised Land'- a social and economic history of post 1945 Wales, and 'How Empires Fall', a six part series on the decline of the Roman, British, Dutch, Spanish, French and Ottoman empires.


Fergus Butler Gallie

Senior Research Associate

Fergus Butler Gallie is an author, editor and lecturer. His books include A Field Guide to the English Clergy and Priests de la Resistance. He has been published in newspapers and magazines in Britain and the United States as a reviewer and commentator. His academic background is in Church History and his published work is on the Hussites and Early Modern Bohemia. He has lectured on History, Philosophy and Theology, focussing in particular on the interplay between Christianity and humour, across the UK and abroad.


Alin-Claudiu Luca

Executive Assistant

Brough-up in his home-town, Tirgu-Mures, in the Transylvanian region of modern Romania, Alin is now pursuing his postgraduate studies in the field of International Relations at the London School of Economics. Alin also has a BA in International Relations from King's College London and is an Associate of the College (AKC). A keen rower and observer of contemporary politics as well as of European history, his responsibilities as Executive Associate include - website development, administration  and research into programme content.

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