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Erasmus Fellows

The Erasmus Fellows is a group of renowned scholars and experts. Drawn from diverse fields, they work with Erasmus Forum on our activities and research, providing  analysis and unique insights into our investigations of culture, history and politics.

David Abulafia.png

Professor David Abulafia, FBA

Rebecca Fraser.png

Rebecca Fraser

Andrew Norman Wilson.jpg

Andrew Wilson

Semir Zeki.png

Professor Semir Zeki, FMedSci FRS

Paul Lay.png

Paul Lay

Nicholas Crafts.png

Professor Nicholas Crafts, FBA

Rowan Williams.png

Rowan Williams, FBA (Right Reverend and Right Honourable Lord Williams of Oysermouth)


Deirdre McCloskey

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Corresponding Fellows

Articles filed by the Corresponding Fellows, based in locations outside the UK, bring an international and contemporary perspective to bear on the work of the Erasmus Forum.

Sholto Byrnes.png

Sholto Byrnes


Julio Crespo MacLennan

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