Director of Erasmus Forum

Hywel Williams is a historian, commentator, and broadcaster. His books include The Age of Chivalry: Culture and Power in Medieval Europe 950-1450; Emperor of the West: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire; Sun Kings: A History of Kingship; and Cassell’s Chronology of World History: Dates, Events and Ideas that Made History. His new book, The Seven Ages of Britain will be published in the spring of 2018. His television credits, as writer and presenter, include documentaries on David Lloyd George, the career of Pope Benedict XV, an international history of the late twentieth century, a history of Wales after 1945 and a history of the coal industry in twentieth century Britain. The first episode of his six-part television history, How Empires Fall, will be broadcast on Wednesday 24th May 2017 9.30pm on S4C and BBC iplayer.


Junior Research Fellow

Freddie Wilkinson is embarking on his final year at University College, London where he is studying for a Master in Science degree in Biological Sciences. This four year, research-orientated course provides a grounding in fast expanding bodies of knowledge such as genetic engineering, conservation and antimicrobial resistance.  The research he undertakes for his masters focuses on the impact of pesticides on the social dynamics of bumblebee colonies.  In addition to spending summers at the Natural History Museum, his work experience includes leadership of a research team which produced a lactose detector  based on creation of a genetically engineered form of E.coli bacteria.

A founding Co-Director and Press Officer for the campaign group Britain for Europe, Freddie is also the writer and co-host of a chat show on UCL's Rare FM  and a keen defender of culinary values through the University’s Gastronomy Society.   Collectively, these endeavours provide him with a myriad of opportunities to observe how a Biological interpretation of society might be applied.  

Having been elected a Junior Research Fellow at the Erasmus Forum, his remit includes designing and editing this website, alongside analysis of the subject areas being investigated by the Forum.  In particular, he will be responsible for producing and managing the Forum's science programme "Biology: Society's 21st Century Science," launching in January 2018, and the Erasmus Forum's Youth Engagement Strategy.


Associate Editor

Alanna Putze is associate editor at the Erasmus Forum. She oversees the development and execution of the Forum’s online publications and advises on associated communications. Previously she developed content for the Legatum Institute’s “Culture of Prosperity” series, which examined the role of the humanities in social progress and individual wellbeing. She has significant experience as a policy researcher and recently managed a project in cooperation with Arena and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue that examined external influences in the 2017 German elections. Alanna has also served as a European policy advisor at the US Department of Defense, where she focused on political-military policies in the Black Sea region. She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics and Bachelor’s in Russian and International Relations from Georgetown University, Washington, DC.


Graphic Designer

Sam is our designer. He takes creative control of all publications and other associate printed and digital materials for the forum. 

Sam has been heavily involved in the Cardiff design scene since 2010. With over ten years experience, he's worked with large corporate and international clients such as Mitsubishi, GoCompare, BBC Cymru, BBC London and The Carbon Trust.


Sam set up his own business in 2014 (www.iamsamcreative.co.uk) in Cardiff which he runs full time.