On the 25th September 2018, the Erasmus Forum hosted Ethical Risk Consultant Michael Pollitt for his lecture Lending and Credit: an Episode in the History of the Abrahamic Religions

On the 6th November 2018, the Erasmus Forum hosted PhD candidate and Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society Jacopo Sartori for his lecture The Quest for Stability: Early Public Banking in the Mediterranean, 14th - 16th Centuries

On the 26th October, the Erasmus Forum hosted jounrnalist and broadcaster Rebecca Fraser for her lecture The Mayflower Generation: the Winslow Family and the Fight for the New World

On 21st September, former Archbishop of Canterbury the Right Reverend Rowan Williams launched the Erasmus Forum's research stream: Reformation Consequences

Lecture Recording: The Mind of Martin Luther - What Changed in 1517?

On the 13th June the Erasmus Forum hosted Professor David Abulafia, FBA, at the British Academy for his lecture: Bankers and Banking in Medieval Italy

Lecture Recording: Bankers and Banking in Medieval Italy

On the 18th May the Erasmus Forum launched its first of five research streams: States in Turmoil

Lecture Recording: The Post War British Productivity Failure