Nineteenth Century World


Money and Power: The Bank of England and London in the Eighteenth Century

by Anne Murphy

Copperopolis: Swansea’s Heyday, Decline, and Regeneration

by Huw Bowen


The Transformation of the Lower Swansea Valley: Achievements, Missed Opportunities and Planning
by Graham Humphrys

From Industrialisation to Regeneration: Swansea and the Lower Swansea Valley, 1717-1967

by Huw Bowen

The knowledge economy: why are Swansea East and the Lower Tawe Valley important for the area's entrepreneurial future?
by Kathryn David and Any and Kathryn Penaluna




Bourgeois Dignity: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World

by Deirdre McCloskey


Industrialisation: Why Britain Got There First
by Nicholas Crafts


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